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2018 marks our 20th year. One’s experience with an advisory firm, is determined in large part by the interactions with the firm’s personnel. If we could highlight only one thing about us, it wouldn’t be any of the many awards we’ve won, articles we’ve written, articles written about us, or leadership roles we’ve held within our profession. It would be our staff’s stability.

Since the founding of the firm, only one Financial Advisor has ever left. One. Further, since 2009, when we restructured our ownership, not a single Client Service Manager has left the firm. Not one. This is remarkable in a world where service personnel come and go frequently. 

We strive to make this a great place to work. We are careful about who we hire. We hire smart people who relish working for the betterment of our clients. Employees stay with our firm because they have taken ownership of the firm’s mission to provide top-notch advice and service and our clients respond to that care. 

What will the next 20 years hold for the firm? As you can see in our July 2018 post, the financial planning community is recognizing the talents of this firm go beyond those of the people with their names on the door. Because of this, we believe we are poised for many more decades of serving clients well.

If you are looking for proven, expert advice and world class service from a team of people with the breadth and depth to last through your lifetime and who show they truly care about their work and your well-being everyday, we may be just the right firm for you. 


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