NAPFA DEI Training and Certificate Program

The NAPFA DEI Training and Certificate program aims to provide NAPFA members and other financial advisors resources and education around four specific DEI topics—culture, hiring practices, people, and inclusion.

This program was designed by financial advisors for financial advisors and was created so that participants could have a deeper understanding of how they can contribute to growing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the financial planning profession.


  • Equip NAPFA members with education around DEI topics.
  • Provide resources to NAPFA members who are dedicated to increasing the diversity in the financial planning profession.
  • Provide resources to NAPFA members to better service minority clients and communities.
  • Educate NAPFA members on ways to include a more welcoming environment in their firms.

Registration for the upcoming program will be available soon. Please contact Nikki Palluzzi with any questions.

Program Modules

Module: Culture

Dr. Miranda Reiter Ph.D., CFP®, Texas Tech University

When you create a culture in the workplace where employees see a representation of a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and ways of thinking, they are more likely to feel comfortable being themselves. Embracing a diverse and inclusive culture creates a safe working environment that increases employee retention and improves overall morale. Alternatively, when you have a strong, homogeneous culture (eg. An engineering culture, an operational culture, or a relational culture), it stifles the natural cognitive diversity in groups through the pressure to conform.

Module: Hiring Practices

Dr. Kimberly Watkins, Ph.D., University of Georgia

When businesses hire people from diverse backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures, they’re bringing fresh perspectives to the firm. To do this, it’s important to reframe thought around how to interview and what characteristics to seek in candidates. Shift the discussion from “cultural fit” to “cultural add”. A diverse staff can lead to benefits like better problem solving and increased productivity. The research shows that diverse teams see a 60% improvement in decision-making abilities.

Module: People

Dr. James Pogue, Ph.D., JP Enterprises

Your people are the backbone of any organization. When organizations are cognizant of the benefits people bring beyond the transactional nature of their work, a chance to reframe perceptions occurs. Organizations who acknowledge the unique experiences of people, rather than as a representative of people like them, increases the positive perception of sincerity in the workplace. Overall, when people feel supported and recognized, it can greatly impact solidarity.

Module: Inclusion

Luis F. Rosa, CFP® EA, Build a Better Financial Future, LLC, Co-founder of the BLX Internship Program

A focus on inclusion provides a framework to appreciate and celebrate differences and create environments that do so. This allows the possibility for creating a high level of organizational performance, especially as diversity among staff increases Intentional inclusive actions towards employees can reduce the sense of exclusion that often diminishes a sense of belongingness. When employees can’t feel that they can be their authentic selves at work, they have lower workplace satisfaction, find less meaning in their work and often have one foot out the door. Organizations who can find the distinction between ‘real inclusion’ vs. ‘surface inclusion’ and contribute efforts towards real inclusion support employees feeling included, involved, and accepted.

About the Program

While grocery shopping, NAPFA member and DEI Committee co-chair John Eing, CPA, MBA, CFP® noticed that the most expensive eggs had the "USDA Organic" symbol, while others only had a "Non-GMO" label. He thought, “What’s the difference?” and went home to do a bit of research. He found that: USDA Organic is non-GMO, but non-GMO is not USDA Organic, and that symbols are powerful. This resulted in a lightbulb moment for John: what if advisors and firms could use a symbol to acknowledge their openness to and appreciation of diverse clients, advisors, and practices?

Fast forward to 2022: thanks to the efforts of John and the DEI Committee, NAPFA launched the DEI Certificate Program to help bridge the gender and ethnic gap, and relieve some of the choice overload that a potential client or aspiring advisor of color might face when searching for the firm that would be right for them.

Learn more about the origin of the program from DEI Committee co-chairs John Eing and Mindy Neira, CFP®, ChSNC® below!

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