NAPFA Conversation Circles

NAPFA's Conversation Circle series served hundreds of members in 2020 as a way to connect with other peers, discuss topics of importance, and foster community and collaboration. We're hoping the 2021 series is even more successful. Each session is one hour in length, facilitated by a NAPFA member or expert in the topic area, and is designed to be an interaction and lively discussion. See below for information on upcoming sessions and we hope to see you on a Thursday afternoon soon.

February 2021

Debt in a low-interest rate environment / Patrick Rohe, Rockbridge Investment Management, LLC

Thursday, February 25 @ 12:00 pm CT

How are you and your advisors handling client conversations around personal debt in this low interest rate environment? client refinancing, accelerated payments, using part of bond allocation to mitigate debt? Looking forward to a collaborative conversation!

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Planning for Small Business Owners / JJ Williams, Williams Financial, LLC

Thursday, March 4 @ 12:00 pm CT

Is your niche small business owners? Do you want a small business owner niche? Join this conversation circle to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities that arise when working with small business owners and entrepreneurs. Some topics may include; exit and succession planning, unique cash flow issues, building strategic partnerships, what services to provide, and many others. Join us and be prepared to share your experiences and questions.

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Genesis / Eijah Essa, Coats Financial Planning, Inc.

Thursday, March 11 @ 12:00 pm CT

An open discussion about studying for designations like the CFP, EA, and others. We'll talk about tips and best practices to make sure you're fully prepared to ace the exams. Any planners interested in taking the CFP exam soon or who have recently taken the exam are welcome to join the conversation!

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Small Firm/ Rich Feight & Sunit Bhalla

Thursday, March 18 @ 12:00 pm CT

The solo and small firm advisors community will faciliate a conversation about using virtual assistants and admins as a strategy to manage your firm through growth. Join us to discuss your own experience to decide if virtual support might be the right fit for you.

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Looking Forward...

March 25 Large Firm / Wendy Hartman, Buckingham Strategic Wealth

April 1 Diversity & Inclusion / Cameo Roberson, Atlas Park Consulting & Finance

April 8 Women's Initiative / Danika Waddell, Xena Financial Planning

April 15 Internships / Patrick Rohe, Rockbridge Investment Management, LLC

April 22 Making your first hire

May 13 Using Traction® to Execute Strategy/ Ron Levene, Patrick Rohe, Rockbridge Investment Management, LLC, JJ Williams, Williams Financial LLC

May 20 Investments/ Mario Nardone, CFA, East Bay Financial Services, LLC