NAPFA Conversation Circles

NAPFA's Conversation Circle series has served hundreds of members as a way to connect with other peers, discuss topics of importance, and foster community and collaboration. We're hoping the 2022 series is even more successful. Each session is one hour in length, facilitated by a NAPFA member or expert in the topic area, and is designed to be an interaction and lively discussion. See below for information on upcoming sessions and we hope to see you on a Thursday afternoon soon.

Thank you to the over 500 attendees who participated in one of our 40+ conversations 2021. For any suggestions about how to improve our program, please contact

Conversation Circles Interest Segments

Solo Firms- 1-2 employees, under 1M in revenue (~ less than 100M AUM)

Mid-Market Firms- 3-10 employees, and between 1-5M of revenue. (~100M-1B AUM)

Large Firms: 11+ employees, and over 5M of revenue. (~ over 1B AUM)


College Aid Planning

Presenter: Joe Messinger

Thursday, January 20 at 12:00 PM CT

Interest Level - All

College Aid Pro™ is creating a movement of elite financial professionals to act as advocates for parents of college-bound students, while providing these advisors with the tools and resources to lead their clients to better college outcomes in an efficient and scalable way.

Attendees will learn how to help families "shop" smarter for higher education by understanding the wildly different financial aid policies at each institution. More importantly we discuss strategies for finding schools that will give you the most free money for school and cut the out of pocket cost of education through thoughtful planning techniques.

Topics for discussion:

  • State of the student loan crisis
  • High-level strategy for approaching the college funding problem with families
  • Student loan basics as they apply to proactive college planning
  • How financial aid works, Federal vs. Consensus methods, how to shop for schools based on your family’s profile, types of financial aid
  • Specific techniques for establishing a budget, determining where to shop for scholarships and how to potentially increase aid awards and reduce the net cost of college

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Career Changers

Facilitator: Daphne Jordan

Thursday, January 27 at 12:00 PM CT

Interest Level: All

According to the CFP(R) Board, most people change careers at least three times in their lifetime. Entering a new profession can be a jarring experience, a continued expression and use of existing skills, or a mixture of all. Have you entered this profession after starting out and growing in another industry? Then join our Career Changer's Conversation Circle as we share pain points, joys and useful tips of navigating life as a financial planner.

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Solo Firms: Productivity Hacks

Facilitators: Rich Feight and Sunit Bhalla

Thursday, February 3 at 12:00 PM CT

Interest Level - Solo Firms

Join our solo firm conversation circle to hear some of the best productivity hacks for solo advisor. Start the new year by sharing how you make your life more productive, and pick up tips from your fellow NAPFA members. Be prepared to share your #1 productivity hack with the group!

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Facilitator: Brie Black

Thursday, February 10 at 12:00 PM CT

Interest Level: Planners under the age of 33

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Women's Initiative- Impact Investing

Facilitator: Amber Miller

Thursday, February 17 at 12:00 PM CT

Interest Level: All

What is it? What isn’t it? How do you talk to clients and your teams about it?
Impact investing goes beyond “ESG” filters. What are strategies you’ve employed for talking with clients about impact investing? What about your investment team? Let’s have a conversation about your struggles and wins and share ideas for discussing this popular topic with clients and each other.

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Large Firm - Succession Planning

Facilitator: Adam Birenbaum

Thursday, February 24 at 12:00 PM CT

Interest Level: Large Firm

Join Adam Birenbaum, CEO of Buckingham Strategic Wealth, to discuss the current M&A landscape and to answer questions. Fellow NAPFA members will be able to discuss their experiences and share opportunities and challenges in the M&A space as well.

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