NAPFA Women's Initiative


The NAPFA Women’s Initiative strives to attract, support, educate, and develop women as leaders within the financial advisory profession and to raise the awareness of the need for more female advisors. We work toward this mission by building a community of women advisors, providing programs at NAPFA events, attracting media attention through articles in financial publications, and providing networking, advocacy, and mentorship opportunities to women.

Committee Members

NAPFA's Women Initiative Committee is made up of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about developing women as leaders in the financial planning profession. To contact them, please click on their names below.

Committee Chairs:

Samantha Anderson,

Budros, Ruhlin & Roe, Inc.

Susan Green,

Wescott Financial Advisory Group LLC

Committee Members:

Jen Dawson, Hemington Wealth Management

Rachel DeCarolis, Northstar Financial Planning

Janelle Fumerola, Cookson Peirce

Sana Haque, Gianola Financial Planning

Abby Hasling, HC Financial Advisors

Amber Miller, The Planning Center

Marie Thomasson, Modern Assets

Brooke Pinney, TD Ameritrade

Danika Waddell, Xena Financial Planning

Connect with NAPFA's Women's Initiative

NAPFA's Women's Initiative currently hosts a Facebook group dedicated to sharing stories, conversation and thought leadership content that coincides with the mission of the Initiative. To join the group, click here.