Preconference Workshop: Estate Planning in 2023

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Torrey Pines 1-3

In recent years, the rise of the Federal estate tax exemption has dramatically reduced the scope of “traditional” estate planning. But with rising interest rates, a Federal estate tax exemption set to sunset, new considerations both from and since the SECURE Act, SECURE Act 2.0, and often overlooked digital assets in the mix, financial advisors can continue to provide extraordinary value in the overall estate planning process. This session will explore today’s estate planning environment for the ultra-high-net-worth, the “merely” very wealthy, and the mass affluent. 
Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how recent rises in interest rates impact estate planning strategies for the “lucky” few families who still must contend with the Federal estate tax. Attendees will also explore some of the biggest pros and cons of leaving an IRA to a trust, critical IRA trust rules they must know in order to properly guide clients, navigating inherited IRA required minimum distributions in the wake of the SECURE Act, as well as end-of-life strategies to consider to maximize step-up in basis for surviving spouses.

Finally, the session will explore how the rise of the digital world has created a new and largely unaddressed wrinkle in estate planning: how to effectively transition “digital” assets, which may include assets with a monetary value, as well as assets with “just” personal or sentimental value, such as social media profiles, digital photos, and online subscriptions. 

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