Scalable Year-Round Tax Planning

2:50 PM - 3:50 PM
As advisors continue to defend against potential fee compression and a need for service differentiation, tax planning continues to be a deliverable advisors are implementing. Tax planning is a service clients value and comprehensive planners can deliver. This session will provide ideas of how to provide year-round tax planning to clients in a scalable way. This session will address how to read through a tax return to find planning opportunities, and will also address other tax-related deliverables that advisors can provide throughout the year to clients.

In this session, you will learn ideas on how to implement processes for the following:
• How to review a federal tax return for planning and portfolio opportunities and potential future multi-year tax reduction
• How you can proactively help your clients and their tax preparers avoid mistakes or oversights when filing taxes
• How to help your clients throughout the year beyond just reviewing their tax return