Top 10 Tax Tips for Making Divorce Less Taxing

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10:40 AM - 11:30 AM

Understanding tax implications for clients during a divorce is a crucial part of the practice of family law. Whether it is dependency exemptions, transfers of securities or retirement accounts, maintenance payments, or loss carry forwards, there are
essential tax tips that will help practitioners better advise their clients. This fast-paced program will provide family law practitioners with a tax checklist that can be utilized in simple to complex divorce cases in order to benefit clients now and in future years.

Program topics include:

• Tax Filing Status – Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing Separately, Single and Head of Household

• Dependency Exemption

• Sale of Principal Residence Exclusion

• Mortgage Interest Deductions

• Deductions Related to Divorce

• Allocation of Tax Carryovers

• Payments After Divorce – Alimony, Child Support and Life Insurance

• Qualified Retirement Plans and IRAs

• Trusts – Charitable Remainder Trusts, Simple and Complex Trusts, and Grantor Trusts

• Property Transfers and Division of Appreciated Property

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