Featured Speaker - The "It" Factor: Gaining the Competitive Edge by Boosting Your Executive Presence

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9:35 AM - 10:25 AM

Have you ever known a leader who has got “it?” Well “it” is executive presence, and having “it” is the difference between moving up the ladder to leadership and being stuck on the middle rung. So have you got “it?” Come find out in this session for financial advisors and professionals led by strategist and communications expert, Annie Gallagher, Gallagher Consulting Group.

In this fun, interactive session you will learn:

• The definition and value of executive presence;

• How top leaders gain the competitive edge;

• The gender nuances of executive presence;

• The five essentials of developing your executive presence; and

• How to use your executive presence to advance your career.

The Benefits and Outcomes:

The benefits of enhancing your executive presence:

• Become a more persuasive communicator;

• Negotiate better deals;

• Connect and build trust with clients and stakeholders;

• Differentiate from your competition;

• Stand out from the crowd;

• Command higher compensation;

• Win new business more effectively; and

• Enhanced ability to communicate with a variety of constituent audiences

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