Featured Speaker: A Life Well Spent

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5:10 PM - 6:00 PM
All of us have 2 resources in life to accomplish our goals…Money and Time! And both are limited. Questions that will be asked and answered during this presentation are:

a) How do we help our clients define True Success from a financial and life perspective?

b) Bernard Baruch, the famous American financier stated “Whatever failure I have known, whatever errors I have committed,…have been the consequences of action without thought” . How do we help our clients to “think well” in planning their finances?

c) Many financial advisors focus on cash flow and income tax planning and investment management. And that is very important. But how can we help our clients understand the relationship between money, mission (purpose) and margin(time that is free to live life)? How can we help ourselves as well as our clients “invest” their money for a higher return on life? This is what our clients want and need from their financial advisor!

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