Planning and Financing Long-Term Care

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1:10 PM - 2:00 PM
Baby boomers are reaching retirement age at the phenomenal rate of approximately 10,000 per day. About half those reaching that milestone can look forward to spending at least some of the rest of their lives in a nursing facility. Tens of thousands of others will require in-home care to avoid institutionalization. The cost of that care is huge, and will grow. Few people have planned adequately for those costs, and most do not even know what they are facing.

After attending this presentation, participants will:

  • have a better command of the factors contributing to long-term care costs

  • understand the funding mechanisms available, and the limitations of public funding options

  • recognize the type of client who should seriously consider long-term care insurance, and the client who will not benefit from that purchase

  • be able to articulate some of the trends and circumstances limiting the availability and affordability of long-term care insurance

  • know what purchase options they should discuss with clients who are considering insurance

  • be prepared to advise clients about what options they might have in the future to qualify for public assistance with long-term care costs

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