Vida Jatulis (CEPA, CFP®)

Vida Jatulis focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Cash Flow/Budgets/Credit Issues
  • College/Education Planning
  • Fixed Fee (Subscription, Retainer, etc.)
  • Generation X
  • Investment Advice without Ongoing Management
  • Middle Income Client Needs

Additional Information

I am a CFP® professional at Mainstreet Financial Planning because I like to help people. As a financial planner I get to help my clients make smart financial decisions.

Life is filled with competing demands on our money and complex financial decisions that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, alone, and afraid of making costly mistakes. I work with young families and professionals to develop a customized Money Roadmap that provides relief.

Together we will build a Money Roadmap that will guide you through any of life’s big and exciting transitions, be it starting a family, saving for college, remodeling your home or any combination of goals that you choose. Our process will help you align your money with your life and create a financial life you love!

My personal goal is to live a vibrant and healthy life. My own Money Roadmap is designed so I can travel, have hobbies and be a lifelong learner throughout my life because that is how I define a vibrant and healthy life for me and my family. I always make sure that my spending/saving aligns with these goals to keep me on track. I am excited to help you have a plan too!

NAPFA Start Date

November 02, 2022


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