Do Hedge Funds Add Value for Investors?

9:20 AM - 10:20 AM
Pacific Ballroom 21/22

Hedge funds are often criticized in the media for poor performance, suggesting that investors are better off avoiding them altogether. In this session, presenter Rodney Sullivan will demystify hedge funds by exploring their returns over the past 25+ years adjusting for costs and market risk as well as other well-known risk factors like value and momentum.  The session will explore whether hedge funds have added value during periods of market turbulence like 2008 and 2020. Armed with this information, investors are better positioned to make better informed decisions in deciding hedge fund strategy allocations.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Learn the common hedge fund strategies and how they seek to add value for investors
  2. Distinguish between Qualified Purchaser and Accredited Investor, and how hedge funds (and alternative investments more generally) may be appropriate for each investor type
  3. Determine how hedge funds performed over the past 25 years, and where and how they take risk
  4. Understand if hedge funds add value during turbulent market periods when needed most
  5. Gain an understanding of how investors can make informed decisions about deciding hedge fund strategy allocations