Raising the Standard for Retirement Advice

1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Pacific Ballroom 21/22

Join this session for a challenging workshop focused on retirement income planning that begins with a worksheet on the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to raise the standard for retirement advice. Attendees will begin the session by digging into the retirement landscape, client retirement mindset and behavior, tools to assess retirement readiness, and critical steps to build retirement risk management allocations. Additionally, this session will review preparing for clients’ lives in transition and potential life shocks, tackling key retirement planning decisions that are memorialized in a Retirement Policy Statement. Attendees will then engage in a case study to narrow in on a real-life retirement management scenario, process the unique risks anticipated for a household, and utilize a financial calculator to assess retirement funding required to construct a high-quality Retirement Policy Statement and ultimately raise the standard for retirement advice.

Learning Objectives:
1.     Audit your knowledge, skills, and abilities for delivering retirement advice
2.    Discover tools to assess retirement readiness and calculate retirement funding ratios live in the session with a financial calculator (bring your financial calculator or download the phone app)
3.    Engage in a case study by investigating the items necessary to discover, plan, implement, and revise a planning engagement that is celebrated in a Retirement Policy Statement