Workshop: Does Your Tech Stack Help Power Wealth?

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Temecula 2-4

It’s likely your firm has made a sizable investment in technology. And if your firm is like many others, you probably aren't using it for all that it offers. 

Whether purchasing new technology or evaluating existing technology tools, there are three considerations when evaluating the efficacy of your tech stack:

1. Get the most out of what you have
2. Eliminate tech you aren't using
3. Invest in your client experience

Learning Objectives:
1.    Learn qualitative as well as quantitative measurements to use when determining to keep, replace, or remove a tech subscription
2.    Determine how to establish an annual tech review process in your firm
3.    Review associated materials, including TechOps Audit, Tech Stack Review, and Tech Selection Builder

This session is sponsored by SEI.