Compound Compassion to Solidify Trust: Communication Before, During, and After Grief

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
San Diego C

With baby boomers aging, a sandwich generation acting as caregivers, and the average age of widowhood at 59, grief leadership is needed now more than ever. In this session, acquire communication styles that retain, attract, and serve the most significant wealth transfer client in history – The Surviving Spouse. Discover proactive strategies you can take before, during, and after clients experience grief and/or widowhood. When you can bridge the conversational gap between grief and money, you will have loyalty and referrals for a lifetime and build a reputation as a compassionate grief smart company.

Learning Objectives:
1.  Discover proactive strategies that advisors can take before, during, and after a client experiences grief and/or widowhood
2.  Develop grief literacy skills for communicating with clients going through difficult life transitions
3.  Learn best practices to solidify relationship and trust with current women clients