Meeting the Needs of Women Investors

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Women control more than half the personal wealth in the United States and about 80% of spending decisions. By 2030, American women could control $30 trillion in assets. Despite women having this financial impact, many financial advisors have unconscious blind spots and biases, making it harder to connect with them as prospects and clients.

By attracting women to your firm and retaining them as clients, you can help grow and scale your business while serving an increasingly important client segment. Meeting the needs of women investors gives you best practices, strategies, and tools for building success with women investors. This session reviews the basics of women as a financial force, lays out key steps to meeting women’s needs, and outlines practice strategies to use in your firm.

Learning Objectives:

You’ll leave the session with insights on how to:

  • Create communications that appeal to women
  • Onboard female clients thoughtfully
  • Facilitate referrals from loyal female fans and connectors
  • Create meaningful connections by planning across women’s life stages