Keynote - Reframing Retirement for Broader Appeal

4:50 PM - 5:50 PM
Retirement-readiness in the US is low. Millennials aren’t inspired by the concept of retirement (or believe it’s impossible to achieve). Add to this the terrible state of financial literacy, and we have a country full of confused and under-prepared people. Even those who earn high incomes have low financial literacy. How can advisors help clients make good decisions if they don’t understand the basics? And, how can they understand the basics, if we continue to treat money management like a high-level math class?

In this talk, Dr. Newcomb will outline a simple reframing of the path to financial independence that can serve as both a crash-course in financial management for clients, and a map to guide them as they accumulate assets. By blending simple economics concepts with the rule-of-thumb method of financial education, this approach is sure to help your clients understand the path to retirement, while also being relevant to their lives today.