Super Session - XY2020 – How to Re-Boot, Re-Build and Ramp-Up your Advice offer to ‘XY’ Generations

1:45 PM - 3:55 PM
The XY opportunity has been around for years, yet most businesses fail to tap into the possibilities available to them beyond Investment and Retirement planning advice. In this session, Steve Crawford of Experience Wealth – who has led the GenXY ‘advice’ movement in the Australian market since 2008 – will teach you how to:
• Re-Boot your current ‘Operating Model’ to allow you to launch again from a clean slate…. Without legacy issues or the risk of glitches flowing into the new program.
• Re-Build your offer to include Products, Services and Solutions that will Attract, Retain and lead to more Referrals of your ideal XY clients.
• Ramp-Up your efforts through Brand Building initiatives to your Target Market, and develop a Deeper Client Understanding with those you work with.
• Return to your office with a clear cut 90 day Action Plan that will allow you to build your own XY2020 Products, Services & Solutions when you leave Denver.