Efficient Spending and Distributions in Retirement

10:40 AM - 11:30 AM
This course provides coverage of the retirement planning issues that affect many clients. Its primary focus is on the assets in a retirement plan and the federal income, gift and estate tax rules that must be addressed in withdrawing and distributing these assets.

Mr. Siegel will cover:

-What is a Reasonable Expectation of Income and Spending in Retirement – How Do We Get There?- How to Withdraw Funds from a Plan without Paying a Penalty

- Addressing Required Minimum Distributions

- The Spouse as the Favored Plan Beneficiary

- New Opportunities for Designating Beneficiaries

- Determining Which Beneficiary’s Life Expectancy to Use

- Should Retirement Plan Trusts Be Used?

- How to Do Estate Planning with Retirement Plan Assets

- Combining Retirement Plan Issues with Charitable Planning

- Converting Traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs