The Employee Lifecycle - Cradle to Grave Explained

11:45 AM - 12:35 PM
This session is for the business professional and entrepreneur seeking to develop a solid foundation of human resource practices, understand critical compliance requirements, and gain practical skills and knowledge to build or improve the management of your workforce. This workshop will review, explain, and discuss the lifecycle of an employee into and out of your workforce. You will learn about the impact, potential risks and exposure, and strategies to protect your business and support your continued success. During this comprehensive session, you will be informed on how to be a compliant manager, plan the workforce, recruitment and onboarding, deployment and training, motivation and engagement, development and training, measuring and managing performance, and finally separation. For each stage of the lifecycle, we will cover what to expect, strategies and best practices, and the corresponding risks management considerations. Join us whether you are about to make your first hire, or you have an established workforce and recognize the benefits of building your human resource management skillset.