Featured Speaker: Super Session-A Professional Approach to Earning Referrals

10:40 AM - 12:35 PM
Achieving and maintaining success as an advisor can be a daunting challenge. At the beginning of your career, finding new clients is an ongoing struggle. When you have finally brought in enough clients to gain some breathing room, how can you ensure that your business continues to grow organically?

Based on more than ten years of research, the Feedback Marketing Group has developed strategies that advisors can implement to attract on ongoing stream of new clients without the effort of prospecting. In this session, advisors will learn how to build a business that grows itself.

To reach this point, you need to accomplish three things:

  1. Retaining Raving Fan Clients
    The first step to building a business that grows organically is ensuring that your clients are having a “raving fan” experience. Clients in this category are so pleased with the value you provide that they feel compelled to tell others about their experience. This session will teach you how to ask your clients the right questions so you can assess whether they are having an experience that they would define as “referable” and ensure that you don’t retain marginally satisfied clients.

  2. Maximizing Wallet Share and Retaining “Sticky” Clients
    Having a great experience will compel a client to tell others about you, but what will they say when they do? Most clients are not able to clearly explain what their advisor does and how they are different from other advisors. This session will give you simple analogies that will help clients understand your value so they are better equipped to share it with others. During this session you will develop simple stories that connect with clients and are repeatable.

  3. Creating Capable Advocates
    Most advisors are unsure how to discuss referrals with their clients in a way that is direct, professional, and effective. In every business there are some clients who could become willing advocates and others who would be uncomfortable referring others to you. Do you know with clarity which of your clients are potential advocates and which ones are not? This session will teach you how to recognize your willing advocates and engage them in a professional way so that they are working “on” your business while you are working “in” it.

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