2017 National Spring Conference Speaker

Dan Allison

Dan Allison

Dan Allison is not your typical consultant. Many people rely on academic credentials as evidence of their ability, but Dan also has the practical experience to back it up. With a background in clinical and behavioral psychology, Dan used his knowledge to co-found a mental health company while he was still an undergraduate. The company began as a small, five-employee firm and grew to several hundred employees within a few short years. Much of the growth of his company can be attributed to the same strategies he teaches business professionals through his consulting and public speaking.

Dan sold his first company for millions while still in his twenties and has dedicated his career to showing professionals how gaining a better understanding of their clients will lead to an incredible referral relationship. In a few short years, Dan has gone from a virtual unknown to speaking on some of the largest stages in the world. His message is simple: “Your clients are the best consultants for your business, and you need a solid process for engaging your clients in your business and its growth.” By using Dan’s easy-to-implement strategies, businesses across the country are seeing big improvements in their referral relationships and their bottom line.

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