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Over the past year, NAPFA’s Board of Directors and staff worked closely with McKinley Advisors, a leading association consulting firm to develop the new framework. In 2021, the firm conducted a survey and several focus groups with NAPFA members. The survey included lines of inquiry about NAPFA membership, the value of the association, trends and challenges of the profession, and the future direction of the profession and association. The focus groups centered around related areas: NAPFA’s strengths, existing and potential challenges of the profession, and member perceptions of NAPFA’s current strategic priorities.

Grounded in research, the experts from McKinley Advisors helped facilitate NAPFA’s Board of Directors and regional representatives through several development workshops, leading them to establish the new strategic framework guided by an analysis of the survey and focus group findings.

The framework, which will act as a roadmap for 2022-2025, focuses on three important strategic drivers:

  • Advocacy
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Professional Excellence

Each strategic driver hosts specific initiatives that are tied to the advancement of NAPFA, the member community and the financial planning profession. These initiatives, which are embedded into NAPFA’s operational priorities, will drive realization of NAPFA’s vision of its members serving as the public’s trusted advisors of choice who represent the highest professional and ethical standards.

Download a PDF of the infographic here.

“In developing the framework, we placed significant focus on leveraging the insights gleaned from our membership survey and audience focus groups. In doing so, we determined our three strategic drivers: Advocacy, DEI, and Professional Excellence. We look forward to driving change in the community and profession through these essential pathways.”

- Jeff Jones, CFP®, EA, MS | NAPFA Chair, 2022 - 2023

"With our efforts driven by the three key areas of Advocacy, DEI, and Professional Excellence, we can better advocate for NAPFA members and the critical work they do, which in turn will honor the clients they serve by ensuring their needs remain the primary focus.”

- Geoffrey Brown, CAE | NAPFA CEO

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