Learn the Basics of Comprehensive Financial Planning

NAPFA offers a unique educational program for new and prospective Fee-Only financial advisors: Practice Foundation.

Designed and led by veteran NAPFA members, Practice Foundation is your chance to hear “insider” information from high performers who launched their careers and businesses long ago and have much to convey about the experience. Using a highly interactive format with a capstone to conclude the program, Practice Foundation will help you to move your business forward by imbuing you with years of knowledge in just six short hours.

Practice Foundation – Practice Management

Practice Foundation is divided into two parts, practice management and capstone. In the practice management sessions, NAPFA members take you through four key areas you will need to address as you launch and build your planning business.


This session provides new planners with a framework for making their first decisions about technology (computers, scanners, printers, and so on), software (planning, accounting, portfolio management, CRMs and so on), and Internet resources (the planner’s own Web site and other online tools).

Business Models, Fees and Profitability

This session examines the following areas: developing a service model, how to set up fees, how to get started, profitability, how to spend time building a business, and common beginner mistakes. This discussion focuses on how the choices which advisors make in these general areas shapes the growth (and limitations) of their business and the impact on their future revenue.


This session is an overview of what compliance entails. Covering topics such as the Form ADV, role of the Chief Compliance Officer, marketing advertising, needed books and records, trading policies, and other details of compliance. A brief synopsis of choosing your entity is also discussed.


This session discusses the fundamentals of "the marketing loop": how to identify your ideal clients, understand what you have to offer, communicate those messages, and obtain more clients. This session will cover the importance of presenting a consistent and quality image and outreach effort using such tactics as written and electronic materials; networking, affiliation marketing, publicity and use of the web.

Practice Foundation – Capstone

The centerpiece of the program is the Capstone session. During this concluding session, experienced planners will lead attendees through their individual approaches to help new advisors establish a process for onboarding clients, make decisions about firm administration and maintaining the new client relationship.

Topics covered during this Capstone session will pull from the four previous practice management sessions and will include:

  • Questions you ask a new or prospective client and information you provide during an initial call or meeting
  • The Financial Plan – best practices, how to approach it, the timeframe for preparation, presenting the plan and implementation
  • The next steps/follow-up meeting


This program will be available virtually in fall 2022! Stay tuned for additional details coming soon.

Who Should Attend

Financial advisors, registered representatives, insurance agents, CPAs – anyone looking to make the transition to developing a Fee-Only financial planning practice.