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Albion is a multidisciplinary team offering a breadth and depth of experience and knowledge on behalf of our clients. Since our opening day Albion has been clear that clients are clients of the firm, not of any specific individual. Clients are not segregated to just one member of the team – rather every client has access to the entire Albion team.

Albion team members are divided into three primary functional areas; wealth advising, research and investment management, and operations.

The Wealth Advising Team consists of Personal Financial Advisors, Paraplanners, and Firm Principals. This team works with clients to ensure that their various financial concerns are addressed in an integrated fashion, that the pieces of the overall plan are working in concert and that tactical changes are made as needed to stay on track toward the client’s goals. As part of this process an Investment Policy is developed which becomes the blueprint for the efforts of the investment team’s work on the client’s behalf.

The Research and Investment management team focuses on a broad array of investment possibilities, working to understand the nuances of each. The team then designs and manages investment portfolios aligned with the client's Investment Policy Statement.

The Operations team is the backbone that supports everything we do. Whether it is the critical daily reconciliation of client accounts, regular reporting of investment activity, or pleasantly greeting you when you call, we rely on our Operations group to keep Albion running smoothly.


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