Porter Wealth Management, LLC

We will help you understand how the various aspects of your financial life can work in harmony to make it easier for you to create financial independence.

Here is a quick summary of what makes us different: 

  • Uniquely Qualified: Our background in finance, tax accounting and law makes us uniquely qualified to help you structure your financial life to minimize taxes, protect your assets and maximize your wealth. 
  • Fee-Only: We are a fee-only firm which means the only compensation we receive comes directly from our clients.  You won't be sold any products such as life insurance, annuities or packaged investment products.  This reduces the conflicts of interest that could arise with our clients. 
  • Fiduciary Duty: We owe our clients a fiduciary duty in all aspects of the financial advice they receive when working with us.  This means we must do what's in your best interest regardless of how those decisions impact us.  
  • Unbundled Services: We have unbundled our financial planning and investment management services.  This means you can leverage our financial planning expertise even if you don't have the liquidity to meet a minimum investment requirement.  This is particularly important for business owners, real estate investors and DIY investors.  

Feel free to access our Scheduling App to select a time and location for our first meeting that's most convenient for you.   


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