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Choosing Copper Leaf as Your Trusted Advisor


We provide advice and recommendations that are in your best interest. Period. Not because we are legally obligated to (although we are). Not because it works well as a business model (it does). Simply because it is right.

Pursuant to the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, we follow a fiduciary duty standard of care, and it’s one we gladly accept.

Deliver attentive, Vermont based, individualized service.

We provide a high level of personal attention. We make a point to get to know you and to learn what is important to you and your family. We serve the professional and academic community in Vermont, and across the world. 

Local with deep resources

Vermont is our home. But with the strength of our alliance with Buckingham Strategic Wealth Partners, our capabilities and expertise are world class.

Build customized financial plans.

We develop plans that integrate your unique situation, and willingness, ability and need to accept market risk. Your plan is formalized in a written Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to ensure consistent adherence as to how your money will be managed. It is a dynamic statement that is updated as your life circumstances change.

Take advantage of academic research.

Our advice is based on peer-reviewed academic evidence. In addition to seeking broad global diversification according to the tenets of Modern Portfolio Theory, we assist with appropriate asset location between taxable and tax-advantaged accounts.

Practice full disclosure and seek transparent costs.

Potential conflicts of interest as well as any costs incurred are fully disclosed and clearly explained. We give answers in plain English, with whatever level of detail you seek.


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33 Blair Park Rd Ste 203 Williston, VT 05495-7532 Phone: (802) 878-2731 Fax: (802) 878-7197

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