2018 NAPFA Fall Conference Speaker

Eric Rosenbach

Eric Rosenbach

Eric Rosenbach is a highly-regarded senior executive and thought leader with two decades of experience running complex technology-centric organizations in both the private sector and government. As the former “Pentagon Cyber Czar,” his experience and expertise in the area of cybersecurity is unparalleled.

As the Chief of Staff to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, Rosenbach was one of the senior-most leaders of the largest organization in the world, where he provided the strategic management of 2.8 million personnel, a $585 billion annual budget and ongoing military operations. Rosenbach led the Department of Defense on cyber issues for six years, including during high-profile attacks on the US and allies by nation-state actors. He has deep expertise in technology and the underlying policy and legal issues that often stifle innovation.

In the Pentagon, Rosenbach was charged with managing some of the Department’s most complex decisions and crises, and ensuring implementation of transformative changes in the Department’s technology and talent management. He served as the Secretary’s closest strategic advisor on key foreign policy issues, including the war strategy to defeat ISIS, the “rebalance” to Asia and the effort to check Russian aggression. Rosenbach also led the Department’s efforts to improve innovation by forging and managing key initiatives such as the Defense Digital Service, the Silicon Valley-based Defense Innovation Unit and the Defense Innovation Board.

Rosenbach taught at Harvard for several years and brings an energetic, educational and interactive approach to all of his presentations.