2017 Fall Conference Speaker

Thomas Davison

Thomas Davison

Tom joined Summit Financial Strategies, Inc. in Columbus, Ohio in 1998, serving as a Senior Financial Advisor and Partner in the firm from 2005 to 2013.

After retiring from Summit he has delved into reverse mortgages as a retirement planning tool, finding them a surprisingly powerful tool in retirement income planning. He wrote “The Reverse Mortgage: A Strategic Lifetime Income Planning Resource” with Keith Turner, a reverse mortgage loan originator, published in the Fall 2015 Journal of Retirement. He serves on the “Funding Longevity Taskforce”, an independent national cross-functional team built around researchers actively focused on reverse mortgages in retirement. His blog, toolsforretirementplanning.com, includes a compendium of reverse mortgage research along with other retirement planning work.
He has always enjoyed research in financial planning, and worked in numerous areas including NUA, Restricted Stock, Employer Stock Options and Roth conversions. Trained as a quantitative scientist, Tom received a PhD in experimental cognitive psychology from degree from Ohio State University, with bachelors and masters degrees from Duke University and Bradley University.

He has taught Financial Planners, CPAs and Securities Industry executives about a variety of retirement planning, investments, and stock-based compensation issues, including presentations at NAPFA local, regional and National meetings, Ohio CPA Society, Bar associations, FPA meetings, among many others. Tom has published numerous articles in consumer, professional and specialty publications. Frequently quoted in the press, his opinions have appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal among others.

He is married and is cared for by two Scottish terriers. In a previous career at AT&T Bell Laboratories he managed large software development projects to support and manage the telephone network.