Challenges Facing Advisors Today and How to Differentiate Your Firm

B (1.5)
B (1.5)
4:50 PM - 6:05 PM
This presentation will cover four main topics that are relevant to advisors today. The presentation will start out discussing various challenges that advisors face in today’s marketplace - ranging in topics from commoditization of asset management services to retaining clients for multiple generations. It will then move into a discussion regarding how advisors can add value to their client relationships by expanding and adding services that others may not. Specifically the presentation will address the need for advisors to familiarize themselves with life insurance and annuity products in order to adequately address a wider scope of risk management issues not often considered. A review of insurance product types and features will be covered along with some specific tips advisors should know to benefit their clients. The presentation will conclude with best practices and specific case studies that highlight various client planning scenarios that may benefit from integrating insurance products into the proposed solutions.