Stop Asking for Referrals! (And get more than you ever have before)

K (1.5)
2:40 PM - 3:55 PM
Most advisors report that referrals are the most powerful, most effective, and most cost effective way to attract new clients. The same advisors also report that getting referrals is an ongoing challenge than that there is lots of opportunity they are not taking advantage of. Getting more referrals is actually a lot easier than you think. It’s just that you’re probably approaching it the wrong way. In this acclaimed program we will review new research that reveals why clients actually refer and how you can make the most of it. You will learn strategies on how to position yourself for referrals, how to have “the new referral conversation” with clients and centers of influence, and how to put together a referral marketing system. Stephen Wershing, CFP, is a top rated speaker, author, and consultant on referral marketing. Bob Veres calls Steve “the best marketing mind in financial planning.” His book, Stop Asking for Referrals: A Revolutionary New Strategy for Building a Financial Service Business that Sells Itself (find it here on: Amazon) was published by McGraw Hill in 2012.