Implementing Internships – How to Create a Formal Financial Planning Internship

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11:20 AM - 12:35 PM
It takes time and effort to run an internship program that maximizes the benefits to both the interns and an advisory firm. When it works well, skilled and properly trained interns can significantly reduce demands on advisors, allowing them to use their time much more effectively. An internship program can also be a great way to “test drive” a potential future employee, and is an opportunity to showcase the benefits your company could potentially offer future team members.

How do you implement a program that can achieve all these goals without overwhelming advisors’ already limited time? You never know what hidden talents you may discover. If you would like to develop an internship program at your own practice, or enhance and improve an existing one, consider this presentation an “Internship in a Box” primer; a detailed discussion about developing a program that is effective and can be adapted for your specific business circumstances.