Changing the Approach to College Funding Advice

A (1.5)
A (1.5)
11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
This 75 minute program (1.5 hours of CFP® CE) will focus on how to help families pay for higher education.

Topics to be discussed:
• The current state of higher education finance from both the federal and state governmental levels as they relate to financial aid for families.
• Overview of why the cost of college continues to rise.
• Focus on late stage college funding - how affluent families pay the college tuition bills.

Participants will learn how to analyze financial aid policies at institutions. This includes detailed education on:
• Both the federal and institutional formulas used to determine a family’s expected family contribution (EFC) by the FAFSA as well as the CSS Profile method.
• How to create a family college budget.
• How to project a family's out of pocket cost at individual institutions.
• Income and asset Strategies to maximize financial aid offers.
• Cash flow planning for college.
• Merit-based financial aid versus need-based financial aid planning.
• How to analyze and compare financial aid award letters.
• How to carefully coordinate the contributions from grandparents to ensure financial aid is not impacted.
• Balancing college and retirement goals as part of a comprehensive financial plan.