Women, Money & Divorce: Double the Size of Your Firm by Working with this Niche

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10:20 AM - 11:20 AM
Are you interested in adding a divorce niche to your firm? Do you understand what women look for when deciding on an advisor?

According to a recent study by UBS, 59% of widows and divorcees wish they had been more involved in long-term financial decisions. Women in transition need a particular approach in financial planning to help them ensure financial security at this time of uncertainty. For many of these women, it may be the first time they have handled the finances on their own.

Francis Financial released a white paper on women, money and divorce. This presentation will share a brief overview of the study’s findings on the financial, legal and emotional challenges women face in divorce. The primary focus of the presentation will discuss the best practices to support female clients during this transition as well as how to market and grow your practice by working with this niche.

Learning Objectives:
1. Identify the major financial and emotional challenges women face during and after divorce and how to best support them.
2. Understand what women look for in an advisor and the importance of a collaborative approach of professionals for your client.
3. Discuss best marketing practices and tools to develop a marketing plan proven to work for women in transition.