Exquisite Listening® Workshop

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J (6)
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
In a now classic study of why clients leave Financial Professionals, it was revealed that well over 70% did so because of a perceived breakdown in the relationship, rather than portfolio performance. Which, by the way, came as quite a shock to the professionals. When surveyed they believed the exact opposite.

It is common knowledge that relationships fail when communication breaks down. Mounting evidence seems to confirm what we all intuitively know; human beings are hard wired to seek connection with other humans. In order to feel connected we must be able to communicate effectively. In this workshop we will be presenting the latest on communication research and practicing communication skills with and on each other. The “Exquisite Listening®” workshop is a communication skills workshop that is focused on the most important aspect of communication - listening. The listening part of the communication process is often misunderstood and is also where the skills seem to be the most poorly developed (even though most of us have two ears and only one mouth).

It is well understood that we tend to listen less well to those people who are closest to us and most important in our lives. This workshop is designed to have participants practice these underdeveloped skills. There is a bit of didactic information but most of the time is spent practicing “exquisite listening®” skills with other participants. We practice having “loaded” conversations using techniques and strategies based on information we are now understanding about universal human needs. The workshop blends the latest implications of neuroscience (as it relates to human interactions) with activities and exercises designed to improve the level of connection with others.

This workshop teaches that listening is a way of being with another and each participant will experience the profound effect of being listened to “exquisitely”. In addition to listening practice, unique models of conflict resolution, confrontation and advice giving will be introduced and practiced. This workshop is highly interactive and involves practice listening to others and being listened to by others. Participants have included individuals, couples, families, professionals, leadership teams, and entire companies.

Fee includes lunch