An Inside Look at the College Admission Process

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9:45 AM - 10:45 AM
As the gap between the rhetoric and the reality of the college-going process widens, so does the need for transparency. The underlying premise of this workshop is that the more a student (and his/her advocates) knows about the admission process, the easier it will be for said student to make decisions that will enhance her/his ability to compete for admission and/or financial assistance on viable “playing fields.” This presentation gives participants valuable contextual perspective and tools to be used in guiding families to happy and affordable educational opportunities.

In particular, the “Pyramid of Selectivity” illustrates the relative importance of credentials across institutions of different selectivity, the “Hidden Agenda” reveals often overlooked factors that can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection, and the “Financial Aid Matrix” shows how colleges strategically deploy their resources to enroll students whom they value most. The “Doors of Enrollment” will reveal the changing roles of Early Decision, the Wait List and January offers of admission in meeting enrollment goals. And the reality of cost/affordability forecasters will be examined within the context of institutional agendas.