A New Look at Reverse Mortgages – An Emerging Retirement Tool

8:30 AM - 9:45 AM
Today, clients often come to their advisors with reverse mortgage questions based on articles or commercials they’ve seen. Advisors are familiar with the products, but are often unsure of how or when to take the reverse mortgage concepts they've heard about, evaluate the details and create applicable alternatives for client. In this actionable presentation, we will cover changes that have recently "reversed" the reputation of the reverse mortgage, the technical side of how the product works - terminology, options, calculations, costs, end-of-loan details, suitability, etc. - and w at clients/heirs should be aware of in considering a reverse.

We will also explore case studies featuring home equity utilization strategies and the research that shows clients can often have more successful long-term retirement plans when home equity is a working asset in the retirement plan. Benefits to clients include:

• Generating additional, non-taxable cash flow in retirement

• Eliminating monthly mortgage payments, leaving that much extra income every month to fund other retirement strategies, emergencies and expenses

• Providing alternative financial reserves without drawing down portfolios or converting tax-deferred accounts, leaving invested funds to grow for a longer time horizon.

• Funding home care or home modifications in the absence of long term care insurance

Longbridge Financial, LLC 's unique expertise in reverse mortgage strategies, coupled with the presenter's experience as a CFP®, will efficiently prepare financial advisors to broaden their retirement toolkit and their client's perspectives.