Don’t Leave Your Choice to Chance. Set Purposeful Path for Your Future

2:15 PM - 3:05 PM
The industry is pushing the Enterprise model as the only "correct" way to run and advisory business. In reality, the only correct way is the one that lets them best focus on their goals and their clients’ needs. If no decision is made, it may affect their value potential and cash flow. This presentation takes a close look at SEI’s exclusive survey results from March 2016 of 400 Managing Partner/Owner respondents. We discuss how to assess potential vital tradeoffs between higher revenue with lower valuation and lower short-term revenue with higher valuation; key differences in business stages/models and purposeful decisions that should be made along the way, and how to firm up an advisory firm by creating an optimized Lifestyle or Enterprise business. In the end, investors will benefit from their advisory firm’s focus and purposeful business path as it relates to people, value proposition/services, investment philosophy and technology.

Participants will understand the four essential components of becoming a purposeful advisory firm; the phases of firm evolution, their key characteristics, and how they relate back to the four essential components; in addition to when to make a decision to become a lifestyle or enterprise firm and what happens if no decision is made.