Planners & Psychology: What You Need to Know

8:30 AM - 9:45 AM
We know emotions and money play a role in working with clients. We have all seen it in action, but do we understand our clients well enough to assist them in changing to positive behavior?

As CFP professionals, we learn practice management skills. This session goes beyond for a deeper knowledge to understanding our clients. Neuroscience and psychology influence financial behavior in many ways. Learn how you can work with the reality of the whole client.

Call it “Financial Education with a Twist.” Labeled their “financial therapist” by clients, Christine has decades of experience and she shares a technique to put into practice and make your own.

Through actual client stories, learn a new behavioral and emotional approach to working with your clients. Develop specific approaches to working with individuals, couples and aging seniors that will engage, enlighten and educate you in your work with clients. This technique will strengthen your client relationships for the long haul, building more meaningful relationships which leads to attracting more assets as you understand your clients at a deeper level.