Practice Foundation: Capstone

8:15 AM - 10:30 AM
Two experienced fee-only planners who have their own practices (one less than 5 years, the other over 30 years) will lead attendees through their individual approaches to onboarding and maintaining a new client. Topics covered during the Capstone will pull from the 4 previous Practice Foundation presentations and will include:

Tips for the initial meeting or conference call
o Information you need to provide (ADV, contract...)
o Questions and tools to best get the information you need (goals, financials...)
The Financial Plan
o How do you approach it
o Time frame for preparation
o Presenting the plan
oHandling implementation
oFollow up meetings

The presenters will also make available to attendees the tools they use to attract and cement the relationship of new and existing clients. This includes forms for obtaining the information necessary for a new client that allows planners the opportunity to open new relationships, and additional documentation for ongoing responsibilities including “Action Memorandums” that allocate implementation responsibilities between the client and the advisor. In- depth financial and family forms will help eliminate the need to “reinvent” the wheel and allow new planners to move more quickly into their recommendation mode with greater clarity and confidence.

Attendance to the previous four Practice Foundation presentations conducted at the conference are not required, but are recommended to those with no experience in these subjects area.

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