Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What time zone is the event based on?

A. All times are listed in Eastern Time (ET).

Q: How long will the Virtual Event content be available?

A: Most content will be available until May 2022. We will remove time sensitive sessions when the content is no longer current.

Q: I'm not registered for the conference. How can I register?

A: Register here

Q: Can anyone register for the preconference workshops?

A: Yes. There is an additional fee of $149 for members and you can add it while registering for the conference.

Q: I already registered for the conference and want to attend one of the preconference workshops. Can I still register for it?

A: Yes. Contact Claire Brown and she will add the preconference workshop to your registration.

Q: What is the dress code for the conference?

A: The dress code is virtual conference casual.

Q: What are Livestream Sessions?

A: Between May 5 and May 7 (Wednesday-Friday), there will be sessions streamed live at the times indicated in the schedule. All event times are in Eastern Time. You will see and hear the presenters, but they will not see or hear you. You will be able to type in questions to them during the session, and participate in a discussion chat, too.

Q: What if I miss a livestream session? Can I watch it later?

A: Yes. Most of the sessions will be recorded & available in the conference platform approximately 1 week after the conclusion of the conference.

Q: How long will the recordings be available?

A: Most will be available until May 2022

Q: Are slides available for the sessions?

A: Slides and/or handouts supplied by presenters will be available for download on the website within each session’s detail page. If no slides or handouts are available for a session, the presenter did not provide them.

Q: Can I sign up for sessions now?

A: No, but when the conference platform opens, be sure to add your favorites to your schedule to make the most of your conference experience.

Q: What are On-Demand Sessions?

A: High-quality, content sessions, that are pre-recorded and available for you to view at your convenience beginning April 26.

Q: What are Live Chats?

A: Live chats are your opportunity to meet with the speaker(s) and discuss any questions you have regarding their session in an informal setting. Be sure to watch the on-demand session in advance, and post or bring your questions with you to get answered.

Q: Will Live Chats be recorded?

A: No

Q: What are Conversation Circles?

A: Conversation Circles are interactive sessions designed to help you connect with other peers, discuss topics of importance, and foster community and collaboration. Each session is one hour in length, facilitated by a NAPFA member or expert in the topic area, and is designed to be an interaction and lively discussion.

Q: What are Community Meetings?

A: Community meetings help bring together advisors from like-sized firms or other communities within the association to discuss commonalities, obstacles, and to aid each other in elevating their firms by sharing experiences and knowledge with other peers. Join one of these hour-long sessions to connect with other members like you and get valuable insights on how to strengthen your practice.

Q: How do I earn CFP CE’s for on-demand sessions?

A: To receive CFP CE’s for the on-demand sessions, you will need to view the full recorded session & pass a 5-question quiz provided to you in the conference platform. For NAPFA CE’s, you will need to view the full recorded session & answer a 1-questions quiz provided to you in the conference platform.

Q: How do I earn CFP CE’s for the live sessions?

A: To receive CE’s for the live sessions, you will need to be present for a minimum of 50 minutes per 1-hour session. You will be provided with 3 codes throughout the session. At the conclusion of the session, you will need to answer a 3-question quiz provided to you in the conference platform where you will be asked to submit the 3 codes provided during the session.

Q: Will I be able to earn CFP CE’s for the recorded live sessions?

A: Yes! Just like the on-demand sessions, you will have to complete and pass a 5-question quiz provided to you in the conference platform.

Q: Are there credits available beyond NAPFA & CFP CEs?

A: Yes, we also offer NASBA CPEs and IRS EA CEs.

Q: How and when do I access the conference?

A: The conference platform will be opening April 26, 2021. You will receive an email closer to the conference containing all details on how to access the conference platform and how to log in.

Q: When can I visit exhibitors?

A: We will not be hosting a virtual exhibit hall at the 2021 Spring National Conference. However, check out our sponsor showcase to learn more about the Spring Conference sponsors.