NAPFA Foundation One Hour Pro-Bono Challenge

Imagine our impact if every NAPFA member gave at least one hour of pro-bono advice per year

As financial advisors, NAPFA members are naturally attuned to helping others. With pro-bono advising, you can dramatically change lives of those who can’t afford your services. The NAPFA Foundation One Hour Challenge encourages members to give at least one hour of pro-bono service per year.

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What qualifies as pro-bono financial service?

Pro bono financial planning is defined as: “Free, no-strings-attached financial advice and planning for underserved people, including low-income individuals and families, military personnel and veterans, domestic violence survivors, and people affected by natural disasters, serious medical crises and bankruptcy, that’s provided by or in conjunction with a volunteer CFP® professional. These services will be delivered through one-on-one engagements or through interactive group sessions on topics specific to an at-risk audience, with the option for personalized engagement to follow.” This is a shared definition developed by NAPFA, FFP, FPA, and the CFP Board.

Did you advise pro-bono at least one hour in the past 12 months?

Record your Pro-Bono hours here. Also, sharing where and how you gave back may help the NAPFA Foundation generate new pro-bono programmatic opportunities.

Thank you to those who have already accepted the One Hour Challenge. Please be sure to report you gave at least one hour of pro-bono advice so we can achieve our 100% member participation goal!

Can NAPFA members earn CE for pro-bono advising?

NAPFA members can earn up to 4.0 NAPFA CE hours for their pro-bono advising. When you are reporting NAPFA CEs, you can choose “Pro Bono Service” under Study Type on the “Add CE Credits” screen.

For Sponsored By, list the organization/source that referred or recommended the client, and for Program Name, list the type of work you did for the client, like education planning, mortgage evaluation, debt management, etc. The NAPFA Subject Codes will remain the same, so please just select the best option.