College Affordability Project


With the rising costs of college, the NAPFA Foundation has dedicated itself to offering families the tools needed to create a cost-effective plan for paying for college. With the free College Money Report, made available by our partner College Aid Pro, you will be able to review specific costs associated with attending the colleges of your choice and gain valuable insights into the complex world of financial aid. You may also qualify for a free session with a NAPFA advisor to help you further minimize and manage your education expenses. If you qualify for a session with a NAPFA advisor, you will never pay for their services and you will never be solicited to become a client of the advisor. Advisor meetings are always free of charge.

Receive Your Report

How it works:


  1. Gather your information – Income, GPA, test scores, and your top three schools
  2. Complete your FREE college money report
  3. Request a pro bono meeting with a NAPFA advisor

Participants in this program will never pay to meet with an advisor.

You will access the College Money Report by entering your financial information, student GPA and standardized test scores, and then selecting up to three universities in which you have interest. Once you have submitted your data, which is kept strictly confidential, you will receive your report by email.

Depending on your resources, you may also have an opportunity to schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss your results and how you can reach your financial goals. Your advisor will discuss financial aid opportunities, student loan availability, and scholarship qualification to ensure you are well prepared to not only attend college, but also limit unnecessary debt and spending. A meeting with a financial professional generally costs $500, but the NAPFA Foundation is offering it for free.

What can you learn from your College Money Report?

  • What colleges think you can pay annually. Get this critical piece of data well before you fill out your FAFSA
  • What you can likely anticipate in grants and scholarships
  • What you will likely pay out-of-pocket for your top three schools
  • What school would be most and least affordable for you
  • And more, such as key financial aid terminology and admissions data for your top schools!

Who can participate?

  • Anyone can run a free College Money Report! We suggest reviewing results in the early years of high school. Both parent and student information is required for the report.
  • You may be eligible for a pro bono session with our expert financial planners, a $500 value offered for free to qualified families. Submit a request to meet with our advisors here.

What information can I prepare if I meet with an advisor?

Find a complete list here.

How is my information used?

This is a pro bono program administered by the NAPFA Foundation in partnership with CollegeAidPro. Your information will be kept confidential and will never be used for marketing financial advisor services.

What can you learn in a pro bono session?

  • How to interpret your College Money Report results
  • Best practices for navigating the application process
  • Which schools may be the best fit for you
  • A personalized plan for paying for tuition
  • Scholarships, tax credits, and loans for which you may qualify
  • How much your loan payments would be post graduation

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