Jake Northrup (Certified Student Loan Professional, CFA®, CFP®)

Jake Northrup focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Cash Flow/Budgets/Credit Issues
  • College/Education Planning
  • Corporate Executives
  • Fixed Fee (Subscription, Retainer, etc.)
  • Generation X
  • Millennials

Planning Specialties

We work with clients on either a fixed-fee ongoing relationship, or a one-time, fixed-fee project based relationship. Our services are specifically tailored to serve the following clients:

  • High income professional with student debt
  • Recently married dual income household
  • Married household with young children
  • Married household with teenage children

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Some of our financial planning specialties include:

  • Bringing relief to your student loans
  • Prioritizing and automating your cash flow to balance paying down debt, investing and spending on yourself
  • Helping newlyweds navigate how to combine their finances
  • Optimizing employee benefits and employer-sponsored retirement plans
  • Analyzing stock options and restricted stock
  • Designing a plan to pay for your children's education

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Additional Information

Hi there, I’m Jake. I’m originally from Massachusetts, but recently moved to Rhode Island with my wife and (cute, but also high maintenance) dog.

I previously worked at a financial planning firm in the Boston area serving clients with ~$5 million+ in net worth. I really enjoyed working with those clients, but I always wished I started working with them at earlier stages of their lives when they were making their money, not when they already made their money.

And thus, Experience Your Wealth was born. I launched EYW to provide fixed-fee financial planning advice to Gen X and Gen Y professionals that want to break the mold of “traditional retirement”, and achieve financial freedom, where you have the financial resources that allow you to work when you want, where you want, and how you want in a way that financially supports your ideal lifestyle.

I love what I do – seriously, I nerd-out for it. I’ve spent countless hours learning as much as I can about financial planning and being involved in the community. Here are a few ways how:

  • Earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designation
  • Earned the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation
  • Earned the Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®) designation
  • Teach Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits at Boston University’s CFP® program
  • Lead the NexGen community for the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Massachusetts

When I’m not wearing my financial planner hat, you can find me traveling around the world with my wife. Some of our favorite trips include Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, Iceland and Greece (where we got married!).

NAPFA Start Date

November 06, 2019


This Office

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