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We provide virtual, fee-only financial planning services to travel-loving young families who feel overwhelmed by their student loan debt. We help you find the responsible balance between paying down debt, investing for the future, but also experiencing life now. 

The "work-until-you're-65 concept" is outdated. Don't let ancient government and IRS rules dictate how you save money and spend your time. Work longer, but doing something you love when you want, where you want and how you want in a way that financially supports your dream lifestyle. Why would you ever want to "retire" from that?

This philosophy requires a creative, untraditional approach to financial planning that we are excited to bring to clients. Outsource your financial concerns to us as we guide your path to financial freedom. 

We offer flexible meeting times (including late at night and weekends) to accommodate your busy schedule. Check out our website to learn more about working us.

Dog lovers required, travel enthusiasts encouraged!


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129 Hope St #2 Bristol, RI 02809-2089 Phone: (401) 227-7881

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129 Hope St #2 Bristol, RI 02809-2089 Phone: (401) 227-7881