Bryan Haggard (CFA®, CFP®)

Bryan Haggard focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • Baby Boomers
  • Corporate Executives
  • ExPat and Cross Border Issues
  • Fixed Fee (Subscription, Retainer, etc.)
  • High Net Worth Client Needs
  • Investment Advice with Ongoing Management

Planning Specialties

RetireMitten Financial goes through a 3-step planning process to help families live a stress-free retirement.  We are also experts in cross-border financial planning.  We work with many families that have lived and worked in the U.S. and Canada.  

Additional Information

When Don and Kim walked into the office, the issue wasn't that they hadn't saved enough for retirement. The issue was that they weren’t comfortable spending their money. Don and Kim were so nervous about running out of money, they decided the best option was to spend none of it. The only people benefiting from Don and Kim’s retirement plan was the kids’ inheritance.

In order to help families realize their dream of a successful retirement, we go through a three-step process.

Step 1:  The Retirement Roadmap

Initially, we go through a comprehensive retirement plan and goal setting process. 

Step 2: The Retirement Paycheck

Once goals are established, we now need to build an investment portfolio to help meet those goals.  We help you create a “retirement paycheck”.  This allows you to feel comfortable generating a steady stream of income, regardless of the ups and down of the stock market.

Step 3: On-going Planning and Support

The initial plan and investment strategy are only the beginning. Our on-going support makes sure that you have a helping hand throughout your retirement.  

Looking For a Stress-Free and Fulfilling Retirement?

If you are looking for an experienced financial planner to help guide you through retirement, let’s talk. 

Cross-Border Financial Planning

RetireMitten Financial is an expert in cross-border financial planning, specifically working with families that have lived in both the U.S. and Canada. Let us help you navigate your confusing cross-border retirement.  

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July 01, 2019


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