Louise Bryant (CFP)

Louise Bryant focuses in the
following client markets or areas of practice:

  • AUM
  • Baby Boomers
  • College/Education Planning
  • Estate & Generational Planning Issues
  • Generation X
  • Women's Financial Planning Issues

Planning Specialties

AUM - effective and efficient money management, Baby Boomers, College/Education Planning, Estate & Generational Planning Priorities, Generation X, Women's Financial Planning Priorities.     www.financialspyglass.com

Additional Information

As a client of Financial Spyglass® , a selective, independent, fee-only comprehensive financial planning firm founded by Louise Bryant, CFP® MBA to transform futures with a proven approach, you will

  1. Have a personalized financial action plan, aligning your goals for the highest probability of accomplishing what you have told me is most important to you;
  2. Enjoy the experience of making smart financial choices with confidence. We present reasoned options to you and conduct regular reviews, using our In Sync for SuccessTM system.
  3. Count on unbiased recommendations, and impartial guidance. In short, financial planning based advice putting your goals first; not advice driven by selling products to you.    

Investment Advice and Financial Planning offered through The Art of Your $trategy LLC, a New York State Registered Investment Advisor, d/b/a Financial Spyglass®    www.financialspyglass.com

NAPFA Start Date

July 16, 2018


This Office

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