The Six Case Studies

Buckingham Strategic Wealth

Jordan Dyson

  • Learn how to structure a formal DEI Council at your firm
  • Read about how Associate Resource Groups help to support employees and make them feel welcomed
  • Get information on how a DEI consultant can help your firm create a DEI strategy
  • Improve your hiring practices

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Build a Better Financial Future

Luis Rosa, CFP®, EA

  • Learn how to navigate DEI as a solo practitioner
  • Understand how starting small and focusing on outreach may have immediate impact
  • Read about how you may be uniquely positioned to reach clients who may otherwise slip through the cracks of services
  • Consider how the BLX internship program could aid your firm

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Financial Staples

Chloe Moore, CFP®

  • Hear about how you can be successful serving a client base who’s historically been underserved
  • Learn where you can incorporate more diversity into your business of any size
  • Gain advice on making a positive difference on the industry even as a small firm
  • Get ideas on what actions you can take to encourage others to consider joining the field

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Modera Wealth

Donna Hildebrand, SHRM-CP

  • Gain ideas on starting an internal DEI Committee at your firm
  • Learn different hiring processes
  • Think outside of the box on different ways to implement DEI conversations
  • Learn what partnerships may be beneficial to your DEI practices

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Oak Wealth Advisors

Mike Walther, CPA/PFS, CFP®, CFA

  • Learn to focus on the one area of DEI where you can make an impact
  • Learn ways to help your clients financially and personally
  • Read about practices employees follow to make every person, client or not, feel welcomed
  • Think critically about how to carry out DEI practices throughout everything you do
  • Learn how different people may help bring new ideas and approaches to your firms

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Rooted Planning Group

Amy Irvine, CFP®, EA, MPAS®, CCFC, CDFA®

  • Gain ideas on how volunteer involvement can help foster your DEI education
  • Learn ways to overcome anxiousness of DEI work
  • Improve DEI at your firm by bringing it up with vendors and other companies you collaborate with

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