Get Involved

We support and encourage member involvement on the important issues that the financial planning profession is facing. We seek to represent NAPFA members and consumers—and your involvement is integral to the success of our actions!

Support NAPFA’s policy efforts. Use your local legislative voice, your local media voice, or consider these additional ways to support our mission.

Use your local legislative voice. Contact your legislators and convey the importance of an established, recognized financial planning profession with meaningful competency, practice and ethical standards. Encourage your clients to do the same by sharing the following points.

  • Financial planners—who advise individuals and families across a broad range of personal finance topics—are unregulated as a profession.
  • The patchwork of regulation covering financial planners has left gaps that allow anyone to call themselves a financial planner or advisor without meeting appropriate competency, practice and ethics standards.
  • This has resulted in consumer confusion, misrepresentation, and fraud. Share personal experience advising a client who was misled by a financial agent who was not working in the client’s best interests.
  • Holding financial planners and advisors to basic competency levels and a fiduciary standard is a key component to restoring consumer confidence.

Use your local media voice. Press and media often seek NAPFA member comment for the expertise and professional opinions. Engage media and press in the following ways to help advance NAPFA’s public policy efforts.

  • Send a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper. Letters to the Editor are an effective way to communicate NAPFA’s point of view to your local community and to your state’s legislators and Congressional delegation

Additional ways to get involved.

  1. Stay abreast on our latest work with the Financial Planning Coalition
  2. Volunteer
  3. Follow us on social media