Sullivan Mermel, Inc.

When you think about your financial planning, do you:

  • Know you would feel relieved if you knew you wouldn't run out of money during retirement?
  • Feel skeptical because so many advisors are hiding their true agenda?
  • Know you'd feel less stressed if you knew enjoying yourself now didn't mean giving up on bigger goals like retiring and your kids’ education?
  • Wonder if you're doing everything you should be doing with your money?
  • Suspect big goals are within your reach with the right time and attention?

We are financial planners who work with people in a comprehensive, holistic, way. We help you articulate your goals and dreams. Then we help you create and implement a plan to make your goals a reality. This process reduces your stress and helps you engage and enjoy the present moment more fully.

We work with clients through a Standard Open Retainer which includes methodically going over every area of your finances. The Standard Open Retainer includes recommending and implementing investment changes, as well as preparing and filing your taxes, and reviewing your insurance and estate planning.

While we work with clients from all walks of life, we especially enjoy working with attorneys, near retirees, and clients interested in socially responsible investing.

We don’t take commissions, get kick-backs, or sell products. We have no hidden agenda. Our focus is on giving our clients the best comprehensive advice possible.

We are fee-only financial planners located in Chicago, Illinois serving clients in Chicago and throughout the nation. We meet both in-person in our Chicago office and virtually through video conferencing and secure file transfer.


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3744 N Southport Chicago, IL 60613 Phone: (773) 404-9344 Fax: (773) 327-1461